Thursday, March 11, 2010

User Interface idea for Visual Studio 2012

Here’s a brilliant research idea for building GUI of integrated development environments:

I hope to be able to work like this with Visual Studio 2012.


Maciej Aniserowicz said...

Really nice - especially on big or multiple screens.

Paweł Łukasik said...

I hope not. It looks really as a counter-productive IDE for me. I would have to check it out to be sure though.

BlueRaja said...

I sure hope so - this is definitely the future of programming.

Some more features I'd like to see on top of that:
* Documentation support. I should not have to look at all the lengthy documentation when browsing through the code, but viewing/editing the documentation for a particular class/method should be very easy and straight-forward.
* Pre/Post-Conditions support. Imagine simply having a list of a method's parameters, and being able to check off which ones should be non-null, or that cost should be > 0. This would automatically generate documentation, and add the appropriate `if(..) throw new ArgumentNullException()` code... or even better, could optionally use CodeContracts!

Leslie.Marshall said...

I used the DebuggerCanvas Extension for Visual Studio for a few weeks and found it to be annoying. By all rights it shouldn't be but I still found the lack of class/code file context to be a detriment. I uninstalled and went back to the file/class based debug context view.