Monday, February 17, 2020

OldMusicBox.ePUAP.Client milestone reached

I am happy to announce that the ePUAP client library, the OldMusicBox.ePUAP.Client has reached its first important milestone where you can actually single sign on to your app through ePUAP.
This means that all three steps work correctly:
  1. The SAML2 AuthnRequest is correctly issued
  2. The SAML2 ArtifactResolve is correctly issued
  3. The ePUAP getTpUserInfo is correctly called
The road map for few days is:
  • Add support for Single Log Out (LogoutRequest, LogoutResponse)
  • Add support for document signing (tpSigning interface)
  • Release the Client to NuGet
Please note that while the SAML2 component is licensed under the MIT license, the ePUAP Client is licensed under the AGPL-3. However, you are free to download the code and use it according to the license. Any issues or feature requests are welcome.

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