Friday, October 1, 2021

tiny-totp.js, a tiny TOTP javascript implementation

Just published the tiny-totp.js code on Github. It's super tiny Javascript RFC6328 implementation. If you wonder what's that, it's the Timed One-Time Passwords specs that is widely used to implement two-factor authentication over web.

What this tiny library does is it computes one time passwords, given the master password. It's basically the same computation Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator do, given the master password. It means that you can either implement your own client or even your own server side authentication that would be compatible with existing authenticators (including the two).

What's interesting here is that the implementation is really, really tiny and has 0 dependencies. Usually, people implement TOTP using two dependencies:

  • to handle the base32 encoding (master keys are usually provided in base32 encoding
  • to handle the hmacsha1 to calculate actual codes
This code avoids both dependencies - there's a tiny function to handle base32 and platform specific crypto provider is used to handle hmacsha1 (the node's crypto module when run against node or window.subtlecrypto when run in a browser).

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